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July 3, 2001
June 26, 2001

Issue #8

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July 10, 2001

Phanatic Seeks Pardon for San Diego Chicken

Drugs Are Good!

W took a moment to speak with the Philly Phanatic, who pleaded for clemency on behalf of the S.D. Chicken, who was arrested for selling crack to kids last week.
In addition, the Phanatic draped Bush with Phillies' attire in hopes of securing a death sentence for a man who spilled a beer on him and was being held in a holding cell under Veteran's Stadium.

Photos:Separated at Birth | Women's U.S. Open Preview


Butch tells us why Cliff Floyd didn't deserve a spot on the NL All-Star team.Read On>>


Profiles in Excellence:
K-Cebo Satashi


Why Internet voting ruined the All-Star Game. Read On>>
Twisted Thoughts

* Alright, let's get these last two guys, then we're going to happy hour.
* This one would look great hanging in my rec room.
* Doesn't this guy know you shouldn't wear red after Memorial Day?
* Must Kill...Must Kill...
* I should have taken that right at Albuquerque.

Inside the Mind of the Bulls at Pamplona

Tangled Web

Among those who voted in this year's
MLB All-Star Game balloting:

* Wives
* Sumos
* Geishas
* The Iraquis
* Nader Trader
* Jm J. "Monroe" Bullock
* Username "GOMARINERS"
* Frank Torre
* McMurphy, Chief, Martini & Cheswick


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Twisted Cruller
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You Don't Have To!

* View the world through Torre's pinstriped glasses

* Stanton on, Floyd off are All-Star mistakes

*Collector has $3 million riding against Bonds

* Nine Injured in Bloody Start to Pamplona Bull Run

*SportsLine Blames Poor Ad Market For Weak Q2


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