June 26, 2001

Issue #6

Laugh Your $%@ Balls Off!
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June 19, 2001
June 12, 2001

Tangled Web

Phil Jackson Prepares 
Reading List For 76ers
Lakers Reading List
Stay Away: Editorial by Jose Canseco
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Twisted Cruller

Cookie Monster is Assaulted after father finds him solicitng son
The Mike Piazza-Billy Idol Nexus
Not the same ol' Clipper draft

Hingis' Stalker Wants Release after Learning Prosecutor is Her New Beau

Wheeler's X-Cellent Adventures
Plastic Sports
Major Leagues Hoarding Digital Rights
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Best of...So Far

Casey at the Wheel: Supreme Court Permits Martin Use of Roadster
Kobe Receives Honorary Associate’s Degree
Clippers to Draft Iverson's Sperm with Second Pick
Evil Conspiracy Succeeds: 76ers In NBA Finals

McDonalds Mishap Makes O'Neal and Lue Late for Game 4

A-Rod Battling Career Ending Disease!
Ankiel Throws First Ever Special Olympics No-No!
      Twisted News
Australian Centerfolds Open Bondage Club In New Jersey
Union, NJ
The Matildas, Australia's premier women's soccer team, have opened a bondage and role-play sex club known as The Koala Dungeon' in suburban central New Jersey, according to TwistedFans sources throbbing in pain. Read On>>


Most Call Him Great, I Say We Just Call Him 'Cal'
Cal Ripken Jr. announced his retirement early last week, leading to more stories about the shortstop's greatness and mention of his name in the same breath as Lou Gehrig's. In reality, Ripken was a good shortstop and someone who clearly loved baseball enough to play in 2,632 consecutive games. Read On>>


Tyson To Face Multi-Cultural Boxer in Preparation for Lewis 
Las Vegas—
Fight Promoter Bob Arum's gold tooth gleamed in the haze of flashbulbs that bounced off of him and his new fighter, Juan Cesar Sven Abu Jacques Zhi Wo Wojochowski. Read On>>

Top Story
San Diego Chicken Arrested for
Dealing Crack

"I wanna get high"
Washington D.C.—In a shocking revelation this week, the world famous San Diego Chicken, star of stage, screen, and the baseball diamond, was arrested for dealing crack to children. Read On>>


New John Rocker Controversy: 
Insults Native Americans, Jockeys, Sumos
Read On>>


Twisted Statistics

When you're at a bar to watch the game -- what's the guy's name who sits by himself down at the end?
1. Turd McGurkell
2. Geeky Gary
3. Captain Jack
4. Barney Grumble
5. I. M. Solonely
6. Janusz Sorkowski
7. Charles Oakley

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