June 26, 2001

Tyson To Face Multi-cultural Boxer in Preparation for Lewis

Issue #6

A Tangled Web of Intrigue

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Las VegasFight Promoter Bob Arum's gold tooth gleamed in the haze of flashbulbs that bounced off of him and his new fighter, Juan Cesar Sven Abu Jacques Zhi Wo Wojochowski. The two appeared at the ESPN Sportszone to publicize Wojochowski's planned bout against Tyson at Madison Square Garden.

     The fight, Wojochowski's first in America and first wearing boxing gloves, looks like another Tyson matchup with a ringer. Wojochowski claims to be of Mexican, Swedish, African, French, Chinese, and Polish descent. In reality, it is believed that he is simply an American who has had his lights knocked out one time too many.

     Tyson, as is his usual habit, tried to make the bought out to be another Ali-Frazier. "I'm gonna eat his children, and then his tacos, his Swedish fish, his chocolate covered ants, his crepes, his pork fried rice, and his kielbasi."

     A dazed and semi-conscious Wojochowski either had no comment or was unaware of the remarks Tyson screamed directly into his face. "Wojo will talk with his fists when it's time to fight," said Arum.

Staff Writer Butch Rogaine hopes one day to promote cat fights at The Koala Dungeon.

June 26, 2001

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