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Sources close to Karma think they know the reason for Starks Condition

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Anonymous Doctor who performed Testicular Torsion Surgery on Starks Twisted Testicle garners induction as first non-athlete

Starks has twisted testicle removed
Bountiful Utah Jazz guard John Starks had surgery April 24, 2001 for a condition called testicular torsion, said a source, speaking on the condition of anonymity. Therefore we are unable to properly award the actual doctor and surgical team who performed the surgery. However, it is believed that the procedure was performed at Lakeview Hospital.

For an explanation of Testicular Torsion Dr. Tony Middleton Jr., chief of urology at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, was consulted. Torsion occurs when a testicle becomes twisted 360 degrees and its blood supply is cut off. Patients complain of swelling and extreme pain in the testicle. Sometimes doctors can untwist the testicle by hand, but surgery often is necessary.

'We'll open up and untwist the testicle, then give it a few minutes to see if that restores the blood supply. It will pink up, [but] more often than not, the testicle remains dark and that indicates the tissue has died." Middleton said torsion "is an anatomic impossibility" in 95 percent of males. The exact cause of torsion is unknown. It occurs more frequently in adolescent boys than in grown men. However, in Starks case it seems he complained of "abdominal pain" after eating ice cream. (Source: Associated Press, 4/27/01)

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