June 12, 2001

Issue #4

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June 5, 2001
May 29, 2001

Tangled Web

Jordan Confirms Return to Spotlight, But Not As NBAer
Stanley Cup Washed
McDonalds Mishap Makes O'Neal and Lue Late for Game 4
TwistedFans.com Exclusive: A-Rod Battling Career Ending Disease!
TwistedFans.com Fantasy Baseball News
Butch Rogaine’s Q&A with the Philly Phanatic
New Jersey to Move Nets, Devils, Giants and Hoffa to new home in Newark
Bada Bing Construction Has Advantage In Bidding War Among Jersey Crime Families to Build New Sports Facilities in Newark
X-rays show Sir Charles has a Siamese Twin in his Ass

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Tough Enough?
By Tom Scocca
Is Roger Clemens really the Antichrist?
By Bill Simmons

          Twisted News
TwistedFans.com Exclusive: A-Rod Battling Career 
Ending Disease!?
The playing days of Texas Rangers shortstop Alex Rodriguez may be over, according to his agent, Scott Boras. The Rangers reported that Rodriguez asked out of the lineup last night, complaining of illness. While A-Rod’s symptoms match those of the common cold, Boras claims there is more to the story. Read On>>


TwistedFans.com Fantasy Baseball News: Ignore Juan, Barry, and Manny and Take a Look at Our Updates on the Real Movers and Shakers in the Twisted Dimension! Read On>>


Butch Rogaine’s Q&A with the Philly Phanatic Read On>>
AGB will return next week from Tijuana after his interview with Worms President Ahmed-Ahmed.


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         Top Story
McDonalds Mishap Makes Shaq and Lue Late for Game 4

PhillyL.A. Lakers Shaquille O'Neal and Tyronn Lue were reportedly detained en route to Game 4 of the NBA Finals today. The two were accosted by children at McDonald's, and were only able to reach the stadium 20 minutes before tip-off. Read On>>


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