June 12, 2001

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Issue #4

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TwistedFans.com Fantasy Baseball News: Ignore Juan, Barry, and Manny and Take a
Look at Our Updates on the Real Movers and Shakers In the Twisted Dimension!!

Ty Cobb OF Detroit Tigers

Cobb has stolen 8 bases and hit three inside the park home runs in his last two games.

Our Suggestion: Grab Cobb now!! Heís even more valuable if your league†
gives bonus points for fans beaten and second basemen bloodied.

Ty Cobb, stopping between third base and home plate to talk to a fan before†scoring inside the park home run.

George Herman "Babe" Ruth OF New York Yankees

Ruth has hit 5 home runs but struck out 25 times in his last 30 at bats.

Our Suggestion: Put Ruth on your bench. Rumor is that heís gained over 25 pounds in the same span and may have gout.

Lou Gehrig 1B New York Yankees

The Iron Horse, batting in front of Ruth, leads the American League in runs batted in and runs scored.

Our Suggestion: TwistedFans.com moles report that Gehrig is suffering from his own disease.

Donnie Moore RP California Angels

Moore suffered a self inflicted fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Our Suggestion: Bench Moore, heís expected to be placed on the 60-day disabled list.

Tom Seaver SP New York Mets

Seaver was recently seen working the television broadcast booth at Mets games.

Our Suggestion: Trade him! The man clearly has lost the heart to play the game.

Trent Dilfer QB Baltimore Ravens

Dilfer led his team to a Super Bowl victory.

Our Suggestion: Dilfer is not a baseball player. Please donít buy him.

Charlie Sheen RP Fictional Cleveland Indians In the Movie Major League

Sheen was last viewed on ABCís sitcom Spin City.

Our Suggestion: Sheen isnít a real baseball player, he just played one in the Major League series of movies. Donít look for him in your fantasy league. Also, donít ask him for stock tips or war stories about fighting in Vietnam.

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