Issue #7

July 3, 2001

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Laugh Your $%&#@ Balls Off!
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June 26, 2001
June 19, 2001


Draft Week Special - Best of TwistedFans

Stern sends another lemming off the cliff.

Inside: See what Tony Gwynn is gawking about
Profiles in Excellence: Butch Rogaine

Twisted News

Is the DH rule to blame for W?

Draft 2001: Knicks got who?

TwistedFans Staff Sweeps Strongest Man Alive Contest

"Miracle" Comeback Victory Actually Just Pure Chance


Summer Reading

Phil Jackson has found it in his heart to provide the defeated 76ers with a reading list of their own.

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NBA Draft

Kidd,  C-Rob,  Bibby, J-Dub, Elton,
Marbury, J-Dub...
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AI's Sperm

The NBA set their sights even younger than before in wednesday's 2001 draft.
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 Tangled Web

Best Pick up Lines Heard at Wimbledon

* Did you know I've got a birthmark on my ass shaped like Pikachu?
* Suddenly, the score is Love-Love.
* Wanna see my pocket monster?
* Your lap or mine?
* I've got the keys to Voltron!
* Guess what I got caught in the ball machine once?
* My tennis balls aren't the only furry thing on this court.
* Thatís not just a ball lodged in my short-shorts, Iím really happy to meet you!
* Hey little boy, would you like to learn how to hit the balls as hard as Andre?
* To be successful you have to grab the bull by the horns, little grasshopper -- GRAB IT!

Twisted Statistics

Bombs Away! Barry Bonds' 2001 Fart Tracker

Farts:  131
Projected Farts:  249
Avg. Seconds per Fart:  1.6



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