July 3, 2001

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
of the 2001 NBA Draft

Issue #7

A Tangled Web of Intrigue

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What's Up With the Knicks?

NYCI don't understand the Knicks at all. Why do they love crappy centers?

A few years ago they drafted that chump Frederick Weis, who was so crappy he never even came to the hemisphere.

Then they got Travis Knight and now Eric Chenowith to back up Marcus Camby, a forward, at the center spot.

Maybe they're trying to retire Ewing's position before they retire his number. Maybe they just need guys to act like a center for their practices.

Whatever they're doin', my grandmother could take 'em all.

By Sir Charles

Severe Facial Taken: Frederick Weis -- Knicks 1st Round Draft Pick in 1999

Eric Chenowith

Knicks thought Travis might be getting lonely.

Travis Knight

No, the Knicks didn't draft him, but what the hell?!

July 3, 2001

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