July 3, 2001

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Issue #7

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Clippers to Draft Iverson's Sperm with Second Pick
Kobe Receives Honorary Associate’s Degree
Casey at the Wheel: Supreme Court Permits Martin Use of Roadster
Evil Conspiracy Succeeds: 76ers In NBA Finals

McDonalds Mishap Makes O'Neal and Lue Late for Game 4

A-Rod Battling Career Ending Disease!
Ankiel Throws First Ever Special Olympics No-No!


at Birth

Is Catwalking a Sport?

A Glimpse at the European Basketball League Draft

DH = W
by Jerry the Cab Driver

The American League is hokum.  The DH -- horsefeathers.  The designated hitter rule is the root of all American evil.  I say it is solely responsible for the dumbing down of this nation.  Before DH people would actually think their way out of a tough situation.  In fact, praytel, the DH is to blame for the election of our current president, George W. Bush. Nerts!

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