The World's Funniest Athletic Supporters

Volume 1, Issue 47  May 7, 2002


Mike Tyson Threatens to Teach Lennox Lewis' Children How to Read - His Way
Genetic Link Discovered between Bob Baffert and Catherine the Great
Cardinals  Edmonds Attends Vatican Meeting on Priest Sex Scandals
In Next Week's Issue: "Things Overheard Behind the Toronto Maple Leafs Bench" and "Chris Webber's Style Tips"
Mike Piazza: Batter or Bowler?


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Twisted MisQuote of the Week

Phil Jackson, coach of the Lakers on the Sixers 1st round loss: "Just look at those ugly guys! Need I say more?" >> Jackson Prepares Reading List For 76ers

Things Seen @ NJ Racetrack

Live band playing 'Margaritaville' for 45 minutes straight
Spike Lee discovering new sports outlet
Drunk Cursing Uncles in Tweed Suits with 12 inch Cigars
Two words: Leopard pants
Moms slapping 2-year-olds for 'picking stupid horse'

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Golden State Warriors Well into Vacation

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