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Volume 1, Issue 45  April 16, 2002 


Thousands of Misguided Junior College Football Players Flee to Canada to Avoid NFL Draft
Extortionists Union Local 42 to Merge with Major League Baseball Players Union
Leo Mazzone Releases 'Rockin' to the Oldies' Videotape
Curtis Joseph Narrowly Escapes Attack by Rabid Dog


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 Apr 9, 2002

Apr 2, 2002 

Sports Illustrated Set to Release First Ever Veil Models Issue
AOL/Time Warner-owned Sports Illustrated has announced plans to release a version of its Swimsuit Issue aimed at the Afghani market. Featuring women donning veils and completely covered in black, the issue will cost the cash equivalent of 2 goats. Each veiled model, will be photographed in a locale exotic to Afghanis. Spreads include "inside an American kitchen," which features a veiled woman sitting on a counter top, in front of an open refrigerator, and next to a microwave. The issue has already been criticized by one member of an Afghani test group. "It has too many ads, and the models don't dress like real Afghani native girls .. you can see their ankles!"

Agent Falk Signs $500,000 Contract to Play for Grizzlies
Super-Agent David Falk signed a one year, $500,000 contract with the Memphis Grizzlies, for whom he will play backup point guard in 2002-2003.  "It's not like we can get anyone better right now," explains one Grizzlies insider. "Besides, he promises to give us Chris Webber in about 10 years."

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