The World's Funniest Athletic Supporters

Volume 1, Issue 46.5  April 30, 2002


Mets Commit 3 Errors on Off-Day
Spike Lee will Represent Knicks at NBA Draft Lottery
NHL to Institute Strict No Tickling Rules In 2003
Ostertag Heads NBA's All-Offensive Smelling First Team
Reds Offer Fans Limp Dangle-Leg Ken Griffey Jr. Doll
Cubs Admit: "We Put Screens Up at Wrigley So Less People Could See How Really Bad We Are"


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Twisted Mis-Quote of the Week

Jill McGill of the LPGA: " I want to show my boobs in Playboy so viewers will watch Ladies' Golf." 

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Lakers 6-5
Kings 4-1
Nets 15-1
Mavericks 9-2

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Big Game Expos, Anna K, Detroit D, Padgett's Gaff & the Longs Drugs Champ

Cardinals Outfielder Edmonds Attends Vatican Meeting on Priest Sex Scandals

Limo Driver Says Albert Enjoyed Crash

Cubs Fan Killed Buying Bag of Peanuts at Wrigley


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