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Issue #38

With the Olympics finally over, we can get back to focusing on Sports that really matter.

But just in case you missed it, here's TwistedFans Full Coverage of the 2002 Winter Olympics from Salt Lake City, Utah.

And some stuff that didn't make the cut:

Olympic Polls

The star of the 2006 Winter Games will be:
a) Poseidon Joshua O'Reilly
b) Thor Yojimbo Jordan
c) Aphrodite Tova Williams
d) Serj Buddha Pulaski

Who would you most like to see compete in the 2-man luge?
a) Roger Clemens- Mike Piazza   
b) John Rocker- Carl Everett   
c) Tony Siragusa- Gilbert Brown   
d) Mike Tyson- Lennox Lewis
e) Rece Davis- Rich Eisen

Strangest Olympic Sport?

a) Double Luge
b) Ice Dancing
c) Curling
d) Men's Figure Skating

Best & Worst of the Olympics

Best Place to Have Sex in the Olympic Village: Hot-tub
Worst: German Hot-tub

Best Olympic Athlete to pose (semi) nude: Kari Traa
Runner-up: Anni Friesinger

Best Job of Whining: Sale & Pelletier
Worst Job of Whining: South Koreans & Russians

TwistedFans Staff

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Roots Olympic Beret
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