The World's Funniest Athletic Supporters

Volume 1, Issue 38  February 26, 2002


Richter: "French Judge Pressured Me to Allow Goals"
NFL Concedes: Houston Texans Can Execute Players In Lieu of Cuts
Rangers Carl Everett Makes Movie Debut as Mormon Leader Brigham Young
Klum claims Western Hemispheric bias in SI cover slight 
Cockfighting to be introduced at 2008 Beijing Olympics

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Sasha Cohen

Christina Ricci

Curling Claims Another Victim

IOC to Abolish Drinking During Matches: Curler Peja Lindholm of the Swedish team, who reportedly consumed over 12 pints of beer during the match, collapsed when he tripped over his partner's broom and struck his head on the 42 pound stone. 

Olympic Recap

Twisted Quote

"You make a commitment to be somewhere. It's like a marriage, for better or worse. You're paid to do a job. Just shut up and play baseball, it's not that hard." ~ Mets catcher Mike Piazza on former mate Mike Hampton, who is unhappy only 2 years into his 8-year, $121 million contract with the Rockies


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Broadway Producer Readies Musical About Jayson Williams

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Axis of Evil II: Iranian Luge Team Says US is "Full Of Shit"
Olympics  Athletes Ready Themselves For Life After the Olympics
Olympics  Ugandan Wins Gold Medal When Officials and Competitors Forget About Event
Olympics  Geographically Illiterate Americans Shocked "Canada" is a Real Country after Hockey Upset
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