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Issue #38

Sports Controversies   ~   2/19/02 - 2/25/02
Category Winner Loser
Sports Illustrated Cover Controversy
Yamila Diaz Rahi

Heidi Klum
Olympians Pose Semi-Nude Kari Traa & Anni Freisinger (Gold Medalists) Maria Butryskaya 
(Posed in Russian Playboy, but didn't Medal)
Women's Figure Skating Finals
Sarah Hughes

Irina Slutskaya
Waiting for Gold Canada Michelle Kwan
Mavs-Nugs Trade Raef LaFrentz
Mavs now have 4 7-footers to play with 6-3 Steve Nash

Mavs also got always disgruntled Nick Van Exel
Push for Whitest Team in NBA Dallas Sacramento
SkateGate II
Attention Grubbers: 
Sale & Pelletier and
Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze
and Tonya Harding
The Fans of any other Olympic Sport except Women's Figure Skating and Apolo Anton Ohno
French Judge can't decide "Who to Blame?" "Blame Canada!" so says South Park Russia continues to fume
Accidental Shootings?
Wayne Chrebet

Jayson Williams' Limo Driver
Getting their 
Shot Off
Kobe vs. Hornets Kobe vs. Celtics

K-Cebo Satashi profiled Traa & Freisinger in his February 12th column.

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