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Kari Traa
Freestyle Skiing
Jan 28, 1974

Magazine: Ultra Sport

wpe4F.jpg (10243 bytes)Michelle Kwan
SPORT: Figure Skating
BIRTHDATE: Jul 7, 1980
Favorite Moment: Kicking little Sasha Cohen's ass every time

Anni Friesinger
COUNTRY: Germany 
SPORT: Speed Skating
EVENT: 5,000 Meters
BIRTHDATE: Jan. 11, 1977
Favorite Magazine: Max

Hannah Hardaway
SPORT: Freestyle Skiing
EVENT: Moguls
BIRTHDATE: Dec. 10, 1978
Favorite trick: double spread-eagle

Photo de l'athlèteTammy Lee Shewchuk
COUNTRY: Canada 
SPORT: Women's Hockey
Position: Forward
BIRTHDATE:  Dec 31, 1977
Favorite Maneuver: Not allowing anything through the 5-hole

Jamie Sale
COUNTRY: Canada 
SPORT: Figure Skating
EVENT: Ice Dancing
BIRTHDATE:  Apr 21, 1977
Favorite trick:
triple twist death spiral

Kari Traa has rocketed moguls skiing to dizzy heights in her native Norway after appearing semi-nude in provocative photographs in a glossy magazine last year. Suddenly, Traa became headline news and she has even been voted the most sexy of all Norwegian women. Not that viewers will see much of her Scandinavian blonde hair under her competitive hat and goggles. Locals, though, reckon her smile is enough to melt the snow.

Michelle Kwan has sacked her coach, changed choreographer and is battling to find herself, but is still the hot favorite to win women's figure skating.

Anni Friesinger said amid a revealing photo spread in Bild: "My sport is extremely sexy, totally erotic, the suits we wear show every part of our bodies off. There's simply no better sport for gaining a firm behind."

Hannah Hardaway took a bad approach to her second jump, a double-twister spread, but she landed with a thud and a fifth place finish -- not good enough to win a medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Tammy Lee Shewchuk is one of four newcomers on a Canadian women's roster that is getting tougher and tougher to crack with each passing year.

Jamie Sale and David Pelletier are a Canadian ice dancing couple off the ice as well as a passionate expressive couple in competition, who were robbed by the judges in this year's competition and awarded a silver. 40 years off Russian domination accounts for something it seems.

Compiled by the TwistedFans Staff; Commentary and Stats provided by Jacquelin Magnay, AP, ESPN.com, NBCOlympics.com, and Donna Spencer. Photos provided by AP/Amy Sancetta, AP, ifsmagazine.com, and Hockey Canada.

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