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SCOTTSDALE, AZ –  Phoenix Suns point guard Stephon Marbury was charged with extreme driving under the influence after a police officer saw his car bobbing and weaving on the road last Friday night.

     "I must've been dreaming of last year's All-Star game when me and AI (Allen Iverson) took over in the fourth." said Marbury, whose speech was slurred and his breath smelled like alcohol.

     Suns president Bryan Colangelo said the team would act after the details of the arrest and the legal outcome were known, but didn't anticipate trading the one-time all-star. "We traded Jason and look where that got us." vexed Colangelo.

     On Saturday, Marbury appeared on a Phoenix radio station where he first apologized for his actions, but later asked DJ Josh. "What the fuck a playa got to do to get traded around here? Come on now, they traded Cliff (Robinson) for smoking some weed.... Maybe I need to get me a bitch to slap around. Where Penny's ho at?" 

Ticha's Top Ten

Justin Timberlake pops Ed during a lay-up attempt just before Ed lays him out.
Monarchs' point guard Ticha Penicheiro, the WNBA's 2001 league leader in assists, knows how to dish it out when it comes to laughs as well. This Portuguese babe offers top 10 lists for your enjoyment. Here's her latest one:

Top 10 Reasons the Kings won the NBA All-Star Hoop-It-UP

10. Lakers had Derek Fisher
9. Crazy Turkey Guy's block of Charlotte Sting's Dawn Staley's game-winning lay-up
8. Ticha's Ballin'
7. Moses Malone is how old? Now come on.
6. Crazy Ed Guy v. Justin Timberlake
5. Sixers *ut of Sync
4. Ticha's Passin'
3. Crazy Russian Guy's Long Range Bombs
2. Crazy Turkey Guy's shot at the Buzzer

and the Number 1 Reason: Foreigners Rule! 

K-Cebo Satashi wonders if this Marburys' DUI is enough to send him to Golden State for the Warrior's resident malcontent Marc Jackson.

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