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TwistedFans.com visited Philly this weekend for the NBA All-Star Weekend and met up with some athletes hanging at the Jam Session; so we asked them their opinions on whether adult film making is a sport. 

Here are a few views:

Shaq: Sport. "Companies make equipment expressly for their use, so they're probably athletes, and it's a sport."

John Stockton: Sport. "Any activity where you risk spraining your ACL is a sport."

Jermaine O'Neal: Not a sport. "If you can't get drafted right out of high school, it might not be a sport."

Michael Jordan: Not a sport. "They don't always wear sneakers."

Martina Navratilova: Sport. "Those girls are in shape and are constantly in need of surgery. Clearly it's a sport."

Cal Ripken: Not a sport. "Some of those guys have flabby guts and are past their prime."

Luis Sojo: Sport. "And I am champion!"

Brandy Chastain: Not a sport. "Those girls get paid to suck."

Jason Kidd: Sport. "So long as there's more than one player."

Butch Rogaine has finally found a sport/not a sport that he's good/not good in.

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