July 21, 2003

Driver's Ed

On the subject of tests....

The big debate this week is whether the elderly should be re-tested to maintain their driving licenses. Maybe it's just me, but it seemed as my driving test was focused on driving slowly and deliberately. Don't go too fast, remember to turn your wheel when parking on a hill, yada yada yada. All things that will trip up a 16 year old, but exactly what the elderly excel at!

Here's my suggestion: We should put everyone, every 4 years, behind a driving simulation machine (a.k.a video game) were we can test not only their knowledge of driving, but also their reaction time. We have the technology, and it would make our roads alot safer.

Can't maintain speed on an interstate? Failed to notice the stop sign? Can't stop quickly when little Jimmy runs out in front of your car? Failed to stay in your lane? Then you fail, and we take your license away. Feel free to come back and retest as often as you like (Don't forget your quarters).

Better yet, let's make these things mobile. Then, when a cop pulls someone over for driving recklessly, we can administer a quick reactions test. Fail, and you're not driving home. This will help remove tired/slow/distracted drivers from our roadways.

Note to DMV: don't forget to make manual and automatic transmission versions. [15:33]  [ ]