July 18, 2003

All bottled up inside

So I've been thinking about signing up to be an organ donor, when I began to ponder this ethical question:

Is not being an organ donor morally equivalent to murder?

I'm inclined to argue it is. Here's my logic....

Everyday, 16 people die waiting for an organ donation before they become available. Morally, if you can save someone's life and choose not to, is that any better than killing the person directly? Before I judge too hastily, you are not technically a murderer until you yourself die (you can't donate the old ticker while you're still using it). But it's still not exactly the last impression you want to make, just in case there's a higher power floating around out there.

On the other hand, since you are capable of donating more than one organ, you possible can save multiple lives. This should at least make up for one or two murders during your lifetime, especially if they had it coming.

Just a lonely voice pondering the ethics others chose to ignore... [16:16]  [ ]