July 18, 2003

What he said....

I realize you can't just go around killing people, I get that. I understand why this is a good idea for a society, you can't just have people getting killed all day long. For one thing, Texas would lose that little zing that makes it so special. However, I'm certain that outlawing it to the degree which we have causes problems. The fact that most people believe they're relatively safe from being murdered creates a lot of flabby, self-indulgent behavior.

I think everybody should get one. You get one lifetime murder where you only have to pay a small fine.

You think you'd see stuff like the Hilton Twins or fucking American Idol ring tones in that kind of a society? Of course not. No shitty drivers, everyone shuts up during the movie, and the funereal industry would re-float he economy in about a week.

One Man, One Murder. Think it over.

Call it the Small Yappy Dog Amendment.[dong resin]
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