July 18, 2003

Your chance to join a mob!

Ummm... yeah... so there's going to be another Mob in manhattan! Don't miss your chance to run across town for no apparent reason! Here are your instructions:

MOB #6
You are invited to take part in MOB, the project that
creates an inexplicable mob of people in New York City
for ten minutes or less. Please forward this to other
people you know who might like to join.

Start time: Wednsday, July 23rd, 7 pm
Duration: 10 minutes or less

(1) At some point during the day on July 23rd,
synchronize your watch to one of these clocks:
clock 1
clock 2

(2) By 6:55 PM, go to Harvest Brewery located in NYC's SeaPort.
Order a drink. Act casual.

(3) Order a drink and send it to me. Preferrably a draft IPA or a margarita (rocks, no salt).

(4) Tell your hot female friends to go talk to me.

(5) Return to what you otherwise would have been
doing, and await instructions for MOB #7. [13:25]  [ ]