July 16, 2003

My Defense Strategy

Now that the ERC (evil record companies) have threatened to sue every person, alien, or pet trading music, I feel it is my duty to publicly provide my strategy of defense:

When the ERC comes after me, I will truthfully (just in case the ERC is reading this) claim that it wasn't me who was trading music. Let me explain how this could be...

I have a wireless router configured on my network, set up without a password. This allows anyone within 1000 ft of my apartment to 'piggy-back' off of my dsl. In essence, I am operating as a free ISP. Logically (yes, logic rarely stands up in court) I should be no more responsible for the users on my network then Verizon is responsible for my actions on their network. As far as I know, P2P software tracks user IP addresses, but not MAC addresses. Someone me this if it is wrong.

Now, if someone wants to use this strategy, I provide the standard disclaimer that I am neither a Lawyer nor a networking guru, so use at your own discretion and only for entertainment purposes, yada, yada, yada.

Don't forget... files deleted are not permanently removed from your hard drive. If you need to destroy a file completely, over write the file using software such as pgp's wipe utility.

If this doesn't work, switch to plan B! [18:31]  [ ]