July 18, 2003

Marketing 101

Ok, so you've all heard about 10-minute mobs, right?

Here's part of the instructions for the latest one:

(2) By 6:55 PM, based on the month of your birth,
please situate yourselves in the bars below. Buy a
drink and act casual.
(...Goes on to list 4 bars in Upper Manhattan)

Now, not to be a cynic, but I'm starting to understand the purpose of these mobs. You see, the mob creator is just one slick marketing guy. Here's how I imagine his sales pitch goes:

Mob creator to Bar owner: "Look, to show how impressive my advertising campaigns are, I'll have your bar packed next thursday at 7 pm, free of charge. If you like the type of business I can generate, you can then sign a contract were I'll advertise your bar for you for the low monthly price of $1000!"

After a few more mobs, he'll have contracts worth millions! And I always thought mob creators were just angry college kids....
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