July 21, 2003

The dogs of war

Although I do not know if Kobe is guilty or innocent, the safe money is on the acquittal. Besides having an extremely polished public image and his wife standing by in support, he's got the luxury of hiring the greatest defense lawyers available. And when the sharks start circling, it can get ugly...

Less than a week after the charges were brought against him, there are reports that the victim was suicidal, mentally distraught over the death of her friend, and angry at men because her high-school sweetheart had "taken up with another woman".

Whether the allegations against Kobe were another "cry for help" or the reporting of an actual crime, the victim's life is going to get alot tougher until this is settled.

Update: Bozack weighs in: People like Eric Neel who write that "The Kobe Bryant we knew could do no wrong. But now we'll have to look in another direction for someone to embody our idea of goodness and purity, someone new like LeBron James" need to stop making fvcking athletes role models and start opening your eyes to reality that THEY JUST PLAY SPORTS.

K-Cebo says: LeBron is struggling. Plus, who the fvck looks for someone to embody goodness and purity? [08:32]  [ ]