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August 28, 2001
August 21, 2001
August 14, 2001

Volume 1, Issue 15 | Published Tuesdays | September 4, 2001


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Div. I Female Scores for Team

Bowl Sponsors Slash Funding

Upset with the intrusion of a female athlete, Ashley Martin, into the male dominated sport of College Football, BCS sponsors have indicated that they will withdraw sponsorship of all such events.
In order to make up for the revenue that all of the Division I schools will lose, Jacksonville State Coach Jack Crowe has created a Fundraiser where JSU Alumni and Students will have the opportunity to "Shower with Ashley" after every game.

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TwistedFans Tangled Web

Poll Results

TwistedFans readers have decided that Marcus Camby looks most like Willis from Different Strokes, but don't tell Marcus that, he added twenty pounds of muscle this summer and if he can stay healthy he may just be the top center in the East.

Twisted Quote

When asked what his (14 year old) son (Danny) had been doing for the last 18 months (since he was not attending school), Felipe de Jesus (Danny's father) said, "He has been eating ... and he has been playing baseball."

TwistedFans Scoreboard

Buddy Lee - 6
John Randle - 3
Steve Finley (OF): 0 ER, 0 H
Tim Laker (C): O ER, 1K
Williamsburg Sharks - 16
Richmond Juniors - 15

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