August 1, 2003

More fun with mobs

Ok, kids, it's time for mob #6! Technically, 6.5 because I already hosted mob #6, but I digress.

Time/Date: Thursday, August 7th (approximately 7 pm)
Meeting Places:
Hamburger Harry's, 145 W. 45th St.
Connolly's Pub, 121 W. 45th St.
Charley O's, 218 W. 45 St.
Howard Johnson's, 1551 Broadway

A MOB representative will appear in the bar and will pass around further instructions.
But wait, no one knows who the "mob representatives" are! So here's what you do:
Show up at the bar at the specified time, but come prepared with your own stack of instructions. Where else are you going to find hundreds of impressionable people willing to do anything a slip of paper says, just because you tell them they're rebellious? Ok, your town's high-school. Besides that? No where, that's where.

Some suggestions:
-Send them to different meeting locations, thus creating the first anti-Mob
-Send them far away, testing their fear of traveling off the island
-Send them to this website

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