July 31, 2003

TechTV Controversy

JD points out the controversy surrounding Tech TV producer Cat Schwarz and some cropped pics that showed up on her blog.

So I did some sleuthing after reading the article and was able to find the photos (no longer online). Apparently, Cat used the above photos and cropped them to make these photos to post on her blog. However, the mistake she made was that she didn't realize that photoshop generates small preview images for the pictures it produces and hides them in the original image. If you change the image drastically, the preview thumbnail is changed too. But if you don't make a major change, and just crop the photo without changing the file name, the preview thumbnail stays the same. Which means someone can open up the cropped photo in Photoshop, and see a thumbnail version of the original picture.

She also failed to delete this page from her server and so I found a comment with the link to someone else's site who learned about the nude photos early, saved them to his desktop and then generated the original photo previews images and posted them online for all to see. [20:18]  [ ]