July 31, 2003

The readers respond!

Ok, you got me, no one has ever responded to a single post of mine. Not even a single comment. Nada. Nothing. Zip. Maybe I don't have a single reader, who knows. Not that I care. Really.

I guess I need a better marketing campaign. I asked K-Cebo how to go about promoting this site, but he made it sound like work. First, I have to use my site to promote other blogs ("but then how can I 'borrow' their ideas?", I protested), and then I have to hope they promote me in return. I don't even get a guarantee that any of this will pay off.

This clearly does not make me happy. First of all, I'm too lazy to do that, and secondly, well, I'm too lazy to do that. So here's my plan:
I'm going to blackmail other blogs into linking to me. If you know of any blogs that regularly plagiarize (not counting this one), have deep, dark secrets you can reveal (besides this blog), or have some sort of weakness that you can extort (again, not this blog), please let me know. [14:59]  [ ]