July 29, 2003


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Returning home late from work, I find an evil email from K-Cebo. This email is so evil, it robbed me of all sanity and stole precious hours of badly needed sleep. What could possibly do this to me? It was nothing more than the highly addictive game of Fishy...

It started out innocent enough, I was just a small fry trying to survive. But before long, my addictive quest for power kicked in and I was consumed (pun intended) with eating as many smaller fish as possible. Once I cleared the 8,000 point mark, I was obsessed with becoming the largest fish possible. Soon, I hit 10,000 points, and I was no longer the hunted. Instead, I had transformed into something similiar to an over-fed gold-fish exposed to gamma-rays. Next came the 15,000 point mark. I couldn't stop my feeding frenzy, and my appetite could not be satisfied. The points flew by, 20,000.... 30,000.... I was in the Fishy zone.

But, my power was fleeting. I left no fry to grow, instead gorging myself in my quest to achieve my true potential. Before I know it, I had consumed all the fish in the ocean.

(Somewhere in there is a message...)

My only regret is that I never got the chance to eat any swimmers.... [10:06]  [ ]