July 28, 2003


The New New York Times.

Foxtrot on the Music Industry.

TSG's effing Legal Doc of 2003.

VH1's stupid 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons list -- #1 is the dumbest.

Courtney Love on the Osbourne's: "Did you know I'm the only person who makes money off the internet." Yeah, you and AG.

Crazy pics of Britney Spears in W magazine.

I've seen two episodes of Snoop Dogg Telefizzle or whatever the hellefizzle it's called. Funny. Snoop really works hard to put together a good show.

HA! "Regulators approved use of a growth hormone for boosting the height of children who are short but in good health." Someone has an agenda. Probably not enough american whites in the NBA for them.

Dateline Hollywood is described as "a satire of Hollywood and entertainment journalism -- think The Onion meets Daily Variety, Entertainment Weekly, and Entertainment Tonight." I think we should abandon parody and satire and just call everything Onionesque.

Bill Carter (NYT discussing Paris Hilton's new show) writes that some ambitious producers have discovered a new twist that they hope will inject freshness into the genre: the reality show as sitcom. [22:44]  [ ]