July 25, 2003

Give until it hurts... from laughing!

So I notice this page has an Amazon "Click to Give" ad on it (It's right there ->). Since this actually goes to K-Cebo, I've come up with this fun practical joke...

After clicking the ad, noticed you have 30 days to request a refund, no questions asked. So here is my brilliant idea:

1. Everyone who reads this (all 3 of you) and all of your friends (both of em) give as much as you can to K-Cebo's "Click to Give" Account.

2. K-Cebo will then think he has gotten amazingly rich (tens of dollars, at least) and will go make massive purchases on his credit cards, secure in the knowledge that his Amazon account will cover any and all costs he incurs.

3. After 29 days, we each request a full refund, depleting K-Cebo of his fortunes and saddling him with massive credit-card debt. Hilarity ensues!

note: This is stops being funny if the account is ever switched to my name, unless, of course, you are a very rich, very forgetful person. [12:03]  [ ]