July 30, 2003

Get your free segway, compliments of NYC's finest

"Late last week, the NYPD began deploying 10 Segways ... to areas of heavy pedestrian traffic in Midtown and boardwalk areas such as Coney Island."
-taken from today's NY Post

According to Officer Chintua Alozie, "You park it and go after the criminal". So when a cop needs to go downstairs, leap over obstacles, etc..., he will just leave his $5,000 segway lying there? Even if the top speed is 'only' 12 mph, that's still quick enough to get away from a person on foot.

Yes, I'm sure the segways are equipped with a key or something, but with the Segways weighing roughly 70 lbs, they'll be easy enough to throw into a car or just walk off with. The only real deterrent is the serious beating you'll get if the cop does catch up to you. That and the fact that you'll have the only non-police Segway in the city (making it a bit harder to go unnoticed). Oh, and my strict moral code, of course.

My prediction: The only "police" that will actually use Segway Human Transports will be the trolls that write out parking tickets. [14:32]  [ ]