July 30, 2003

I'm contemplating a name change to eatmeat.org

I refuse to button my top button or tighten my tie when at work... now I have a reason not to.

The Sierra Club has a Hummerdinger of an SUV parody. Also, someone else recommended a great name for the SUV/Truck combination: SUck.

Some PETA chick has legally renamed herself GoVeg.com. [via Sarah Lai Stirland]

PC freaks won't let us hear Sue Bird scream: "Harder, Daddy, harder."

I was listening to my launch station on yahoo.com today and just thought I'd mention that in my opinion "fans of Nirvana" recommend the most horrible songs.

Just want to alert one of our past editors to the fact that Williamsburg is no longer cool.

Find out if the RIAA is after you. [via techlawadvisor]

Pull up the NYT front page. Here it is for my son's day of birth. [via JD Lasica]

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