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††††††††††† Before I began this weekís column, let me just say, the NBA Finals was the biggest let-down since, well since Episode One The Phantom Menace. Those damn Nets were so happy to be there that they never put up a fight. The Finals never even approached Sactown vs. the Lake-Show. Of course it goes without saying that Tiger was awesome this weekend, and that Mets vs.Yankees is one of the best rivalries in sports, with that said LETS GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLEEEE! (I know its a clichť).†

††††††††††† TYSONóLEWIS

††††††††††† Okay I get it now, we are supposed to feel sorry for a man, because he took a beating in the ring, despite the fact that Mike Tyson, threatened to eat another manís children (the delicious irony is that Lewis has no children), bit that same man and screamed profanities at female and male reporters all in the sake of promoting the fight. Mike Tyson was and has been out of control for a long time, yet sportswriters suddenly felt pangs of sorrow because of the way he lost? Come on.

††††††††††† If you want a reason to feel sorry for the man, feel sorry because he has blown millions and millions of dollars and will have to continue fighting because of his lifestyle and stupidity (Iím sorry but spending hundreds of thousands on feeding your pigeons is stupid). Be sad because Mike Tyson does not take care of his children and will be of no use to anyone once he cannot command interest in his fights. Hey I donít feel too bad about Tysonís predicament because he made more money than I will ever see in my life and lost more money than I will ever see, so he had his chances to overcome his rough beginnings.

††††††††††† So what... Tyson took a beating, thatís what he does for a living and they pay him a lot of money to hurt other people, this time he was the one who was hurt. That does not excuse the fact that he is a pig and a highly dangerous person. With that said, I think the reporters, the same ones who loved it when Tyson would fly off the handle, may have remorse because they know they used him too, to hype their newscasts.

††††††††††† WORLD CUP

††††††††††† I saw a piece on the Today show yesterday morning dealing with the new interest in soccer in the United States. Of course they made all the same stupid comments that they always make to fill time, the World Cup is a big deal outside the U.S.. yadda yadda yadda. Those comments led to the main point of view of the piece (is it just me or does anyone else think that aside from Byrant Gumbel and the people on 60 Minutes, no one else on those newsmagazines knows how to conduct an interview?) anyway I digress, they claimed that more people are staying up to watch the World Cup and that this will probably lead to an increase in soccerís presence in the states.

††††††††††† Well let me just explain to them why there is an increase since itís not so obvious to them. The U.S. Team is winning! They are still alive in the tournament you idiots, (Today Show not my readers). We are a country that likes underdogs and winners. If you are an underdog that is winning, thatís even better. If the U.S. team had lost in the first round, only the diehards would care to continue watching the World Cup. Casual fans like me (actually I donít even qualify as casual I saw like 5 minutes of U.S. v. Poland and thatís all) canít even follow the brackets. I would have moved on to the next big thing instead of following the results over the Internet.

††††††††††† PARDON THE INTERRUPTIONMichael Wilbon

††††††††††† I usually watch the sports shows only to be annoyed with the announcers, but I must admit I love PTI and I try to catch it when I can. I like Tony Kornheiser even though heís an old-middle classed bitter cranky guy. I like Michael Wilbon because he keeps Kornheiser in check and visa versa.††

††††††††††† If you havenít seen the show these guys take about 1 minute per topic and argue both sides of whatever comes up. To be honest itís the inspiration for my weekly rants. I donít take their ideas or topics but I have borrowed their concept of writing about more than just the Xs and Os of sports. Anyway catch the show if you can its funny and light.

††††††††††† Sorry, but due to time constraints and the responsibilities of studying for the NY Bar, I will have to write shorter columns. The alternative was to take a break, but I chose shorter, over nothing.

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