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Anna Kournikova - Kournikova, Anna - Year 2002 ( Calendars )

Anna Kournikova 
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 Nov. 20, 2001

Nov. 13, 2001 

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 Volume 1, Issue 25  November 27, 2001          


Bull Rides Man to Rodeo Victory

Jaguars and Panthers Finally Playing Like Expansion Teams

Rutgers Has Outside Shot At Rose Bowl

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Violence on the Rise in Sports


  Athletes are being arrested left and right for anything from drug possession to murder. This weekend kicked off with James Butler sucker punching Richard Grant in NYC. He was later arrested and charged with second degree assault.
  Even tennis players are getting in on it. Above, Yannick Noah beats a linesman to near death after a blown call in Germany on Sunday.

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"That was a disgraceful performance in my opinion. We threw that game. We gave away that friggin' game. In my opinion, that sucks." Jim Mora Sr.
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Dennis Miller

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