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"I'm Jay Fiedler's Mom" Pin Doesn't Get Woman Anywhere


Tues, Nov 27, 2001


Issue #25


OCEANSIDE, NY Mary Jane Fiedler, the mother of Miami Dolphins' quarterback Jay Fiedler, received very little recognition while wearing a pin bearing her son's name at work on Tuesday.

     The pin, which read "Hi, I'm Jay Fiedler's Mom!," was worn proudly all day by Mrs. Fiedler while at her job as the head librarian of the Oceanside Public Library.  Some of her co-workers and patrons flashed empathetic smiles, but most just reacted with sheer indifference.

     "I think that Jay Fiedler is playing way over his head right now," said Jason Tuttle, friend and co-worker of Mrs. Fiedler.  "He's gonna crumble soon."  Frequent Oceanside Library patron Joe Szeclak agrees. "Jay Fiedler is the definition of 'average quarterback'. I didn't think I owed his mother any special thanks for bringing him into this world."

     Perhaps the wide array of family pictures at her desk, the coffee mug bearing her son's likeness, and her brand new "Mother of An O.K. NFL Quarterback" bumper sticker will bring her more luck next time.  "I really thought they would show my baby more love," remarked the clearly saddened Mrs. Fiedler, after her surprise average day.

Willy P. Ondabich wishes Jay Fielder was his daddy. Would you like to be Willie's daddy?

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