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 Nov. 6, 2001

Oct. 30, 2001 

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 Volume 1, Issue 23  November 13, 2001          


Pope Demands NHL Ban on Satan
HBO's "Inside the CFL" Fails Miserably

Gatorade concedes to russian hockey players demands, adds 10% vodka

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World Series Conspiracy Revealed

Top Story: Top TF inside sources reveal that there was more than meets the eye with the Yankees loss at the World Series.

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"Mike is stepping on young guys' territory. I'm not saying he's going down this time, but it's just like when Rocky Marciano fought Joe Louis. Joe was the man, but he ran into a hungry, young Marciano. Hey, the student must eventually kill the teacher." ~ Shaq

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Hank Hill and Dan Reeves

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NBA Commish Announces New Over 40 or Under 5 Foot League

NFL Week Nine in Review: News -n- Views

Mavs' Zhizi Brings Red Philosophy to Teammates

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