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NFL Week 9: News, Views and Issues


Tues, Nov 13, 2001


Issue #23


10. The Agony of Defeat

Above: Payton Manning watches his team's season seep slowly into the crapper.

Peyton & Co. lost to the Dolphins this week and what's worse, he may have broken his jaw in a helmet-to-helmet shot from Dolphins defensive end Lorenzo Bromell. Looks like Manning's immediate future contains an all-liquid diet.

9. Luck of the Draw

Ravens RB Terry Allen broke his hand on his only carry.

8. Vick v. Leaf

The Hype: 4/12 for 32 yards, sacked twice and lost a fumble with one TD.

The Hapless: 14/22 for 114, sacked thrice, INT, and a TD.

7. 0-8

What Detroit's record doesn't show is that their last 5 losses have been by 5 points or less.

6. Quote of the Week

Players best not mess with Steelers' Hines Ward, who has laid out safeties in consecutive weeks. Here's what Earl Little had to say about his hit: "Hey, I like hitting people, too. But you don't stand over the top of somebody on the ground not moving."

5. Will he or Won't He?

Eddie Kennison wants back on the Broncos after announcing his retirement just hours before Sunday's game.

4. Defensive Player of the week

Michael Strahan. A 32 yard sack and a forced fumble to save the day.

3. Offensive Player of the week

Shaun Alexander. 266 Yards.  Maybe Holmgren should just have them hike the ball directly to Alexander.

Not only did he single-handedly knock off the prognosticator prescribed best all-around team, the Raiders, but he knocked me out of my Survivor league. 

2. Goat to Hero

One week after Kris Brown absolutely blows it for the Steelers against the wing-clipped Ravens, he hits on 5-6 to put away the Browns.

1. Bring back the Scabs!

Refs, MNF, need I say more. Baltimore doesn't win games, they're opponents lose em.

K-Cebo Satashi advises you to never ever bench Jeff Garcia in Fantasy Football.

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