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Mavs' Zhizi Wang Brings Red Philosophy to Teammates


Tues, Nov 13, 2001


Issue #23


DALLAS, TX – Wang Zhizhi, the first Chinese player to play in the NBA, is bringing more than just his seven foot frame to the Dallas Mavericks. According to teammates, the center preaches Communist philosophy to his fellow players, something they really appreciate.

     "He's convinced me not to have more than one kid," explains Juwan Howard. Since I'm already over 10 kids, I can send the other 9 to Wang's sweatshop downtown." 

Champion Dallas Mavericks Michael Finley Replica Road Jersey      The "sweatshop" is just that, a place where Zhizhi employs illegal immigrants and children in slave-like conditions for less than minimum wage. In fact, Zhizhi's army of laborers has competed successfully with the NBA, by creating counterfeit jerseys and sneakers. They even made fools of NBA Properties by getting Michael Jordan Wizards jerseys on the street first.

     "He is just trying to do his part for the community," explains a Fukinese lieutenant who calls himself 'Ying.' 'We're expecting a boatload of new workers tomorrow."

Luscious Rosenbaum takes in 5% of all sales from Wang's Red Army Store.

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