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 Oct. 16, 2001

Oct. 9, 2001 

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Volume 1, Issue 20  October 23, 2001           


Pats' Estranged WR Terry Glenn Found inside Boston Pet Shop Display Window Frolicking among Newborn Puppies
Brenda Warner Returns to Old Roxette Gig
DT Leon Lett to appear on "Elimidate" in Spring 2002 
Music Industry Stages Concert to Benefit Redskins Fans

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Baseball's "Buffalo Bills"

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"9.9 Million people watched the Cowboys v. the Skins on MNF, while only 8.4 M watched the Yanks defeat the A's in Game 5. This just goes to show what some of us have known for years, that even the worst football game is better than the best baseball game."
~ Craig Kilborne

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Brenly's Rules of the Game


Piazza-Clemens 1 Year Anniversary

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Jordan Says New Injury Won’t Sideline Him For Opener vs. Knicks

Man's 1,400 Pages of Spreadsheets Still Result in 4-9 Pick 'Em Week

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TF Exclusive: Madden and Rogaine Bus It

Uvana Benaykdvitme Reports: NFL Central's Upside Down

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