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 Oct. 9, 2001

Sept. 25, 2001 

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Volume 1, Issue 19  October 16, 2001           


Rickey Henderson 1st player to join the 10,000 at-bat, 3,000 hit, 2,500 game, 2,200 run, 1,000 RBI, 500 double, 250 homer, 50 triple,
2 World Series championship, 1 Gold Glove Club
Clemens blames playoff woes on case of SPAMthrax
Unwanted Trent Dilfer wins 13th straight as starter

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Working Out with Anna K.

Photo courtesy of Steve Mathura Enterprises Ltd."

"I wouldn't mind lying on a girl who felt like this," said Anna Kournikova, shown here demonstrating her new line of silicone breasts at a N.Y. press conference. For those of you wondering, it's a triple-E.

• New Look Anna Wins Tokyo Open 
• Q&A with Anna K.
October 14 Poll of Cleveland fans
Which all-time great Indians pitcher would you want on the mound for a deciding game 5 against the M's?

Bert Blyleven          Martin Van Buren
Bob Feller
                Stan Coveleski
Early Wynn              Thomas Chong
Pat Harrington, Jr.
Mirror Image
Corky Romano

Chuck Knoblauch

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