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Sept. 25, 2001 

Sept. 18, 2001 

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Volume 1, Issue 18  October 9, 2001           


That Goddamned Visa Check Card Commercial On Again
Sapp Guarantees "Super Bowl Will Occur" in 2002
TF crowns Rutgers Kicker Steve Barone NCAA's Goat of the Week
Kidd Violates Domestic Violence Aftercare Program, Cuts Wife's Umbilical Chord after She Delivers Twins 

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Butch Rogaine
K-Cebo Satashi
Luscious Rosenbaum
Willy P. Ondabich


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Luke Cage
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Ripken Retires

Cal Ripken

Yes, it's possible for the TwistedFans Staff  to be sentimental about all the Cal Hoopla. Here's a look at how we paid tribute this year to retiring aluminum horse Cal Ripken.

• On Ripken: Wanna be like Cal, Butch Rogaine tells us how to have your own All-Iron lifestyle.
• Dr. V: Tangled Genitals Sideline Ripken 
• Luscious: Most Call Him Great, I Say We Just Call Him 'Cal

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  The Ballad of Barry Bonds  by Greg Wyshynski  
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Monday Night Football: Skins at Cowboys
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