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Mr. Bozack's Corner

†††† Does the thought of billionaires fighting with millionaires over how to divvy up make you sick? And doesnít it gnaw at you that you would trade your miserable existence for the chance to be a member of the highest compensated union in the world? Or on the other hand, have you thought about how if you won the lottery or struck it rich, how you would go out and buy your favorite team ala Mark Cuban, or Dan Synder? If youíve ever had those thoughts then if safe to admit the real reason we hate the owners and the players: WERE JEALOUS!

††††††††††† TERRELL DAVIS (Hall of Famer?)

†††† And so the question begins, does Terrell Davis belong in the hall of fame? My first thoughts were hell no! The guy only had 3 excellent years and hasnít done anything in the last 3. But on the other hand, his resume in those 4 years is pretty solid. TD has 2 Super

Terrel in the Hall? "Hell No!"
Bowl MVPs, 1 or 2 League MVPs, 2000 yards rushing in one year and over 6 thousand plus years total. Well considering that the average career of a NFL running back is 3 years, and considering that Elway could not win the big one without him, Iím leaning towards admitting Terrell.

†††† Unlike the other sports: hockey, baseball and basketball hall of fame decisions are based purely on statistics, which has to be obtained over a long career, football cannot and is not so rigid. Guys can get hurt at any moment in football and there career is over in the blink of an eye. Case in point: Troy Aikman, Curt Warner and Gale Sayers to name a few. With that said I just donít know. Its not like I have a vote anyway on who gets in but I would say based on the fact that TD was clean cut, and most importantly never got on the bad side of the media, he has a great chance of getting in Canton Ohio.

††††††††††† COLLEGE FOOTBALL (A Need for Revenue Sharing?)

†††† Can it be true that the college football season is already upon us with games beginning this weekend? I tell you, its beginning to be a blur the way all the different season blend into one another, but I love the overlap. I do have a complaint though, no one in the media says much about the fact that there is less chance of college football teams like Marshall and Fresno State ever winning the BCS championship than Montreal or Kansas City winning the World Series. I mean really, no one else but the 25-30 elite programs in the country has a snow-ballís chance in hell of picking up enough BCS votes to play in the 1 vs. 2 game at the end of the year.


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Pic of the Week:
Iroda Tulyaganova

††††† Think about it, people complain about the Yankees winning the AL East every year and going to the World Series, but how many times has Nebraska won the Big Eight over the years and when is the last time the Cornhuskers lost more than 3 games in a season? You just know without looking at the sports magazineís predictions that Nebraska, Miami, Oklahoma, Michigan, Florida, Florida State, etc., etc., are the teams to beat year in year out. Part of the reason is that the writers refuse to include more than one or two small teams into the dance.

†††† At least in college basketball, the mid-major teams can get to the elite eight (although the eventual winner is always a major program) and can claim an upset every year because they play the big boys and there is more parity. But in college football its all about the haves and have nots.

THE NCAA (You Can Play!, No You Can!)

†††† Is the NCAA the biggest hypocrites in the world of professional sports or what? Iím not sure if you readers are aware, but there is a case pending in court dealing with this kid named Bloom. I forget his first name, but anyway, Bloom is a professional Olympic level skier who has made about 1 or 2 million from modeling and competing in events. Bloom wants to play wide receiver/kick return for the University of Colorado. The NCAA has told Mr. Bloom that unless he gives up his money that he has made and is saving to train for the next winter Olympics, he cannot play for Colorado.

†††† Hullo! The NCAA makes millions and trillions of dollars off of athletes via television contracts and the marketing of players and teams, yet now they want to prevent a kid from fulfilling his dream because he made money in another sport? The NCAA is a bloated, oft-times misguided organization that needs to be deregulated. Come on! Why is it okay for guys like Chris Weinke to make money playing baseball and then come back to play football, or Drew Henson to play baseball for the Yankees minor league team, but Bloom canít be a professional skier and an amateur football player? Makes no sense.

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