August 5, 2003

Most Impressive Boxing Statistic

According to the NYTimes (reg required), Mike Tyson, who has earned over $400 Million, is somehow bankrupt and $27 Million in debt. Even assuming his lawsuit against Don King is credible and he was duped out of $100 Million, Tyson still managed to burn through a bit of cash.

Here are a few of Iron Mike's extravaganzas:

  • $1.6 Million dollar watch (two years into his 'financial hardships')
  • It's estimated that, as of 1988, Tyson had bought 110 cars (so what's he at in 2003?)
  • a zoo of exotic animals including Bengal tigers (which he liked to wrestle)
  • mansions in Maryland, Las Vegas (2), Cleveland and New Jersey
  • $410,000 on a birthday party (my personal favorite).
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