August 16, 2003

Britney, the Olsens and Paris

  • Britney Spears' pics in NYT Magazine: Britney Oops! I'm Naked!

  • Also in the NYT, an article on Bookies in Exile.

  • If marriage is slavery for women, then divorce is slavery for men.

  • Olsen twins grace cover of Rolling Stone.

  • Paris in Maxim.

  • If I get my assistant pregnant, do I get to take maternity leave? [The Man Show]

  • An article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about porn going mainstream.

  • My good friend in need.
    Asked me for a hand today,
    So I obliged him.
    [Leprosy Haikus]

  • Finally, Fun with the Google Calculator. [22:00]  [ ]