August 14, 2003

So What's It Going To Take To Make You Read This Blog?

My first excursion to a car dealership ended in utter frustration, similiar to WizBang's recent trip into Hell. However, my problem wasn't powerless employees, but pushy employees.

Employee: Can I help you with anything?
Me: Not right now, I just started looking so I'm just checking out the new models.
Employee: I see you noticed the xxxxx, what do you think it's worth?
Me: I don't know, like I said, I just started looking.
Employee: I know, but just give me a ballpark figure. What do you think would be a good price for this car?
Me: Maybe $15,000?
Employee: Come sit down at my desk, I'll be right back.
(after waiting a few minutes)
Employee: Here you go, sign this contract here and you can drive away with that car for only $15,000!
[This is when I left]

I also once new a guy who, confronted by a pushy salesman, finally told him that he couldn't buy the car today because his checkbook was at home. What did the salesman do? He followed him home, of course.

The moral of this post is that there are alot of sleazy car salesmen with lots of sleazy techniques, so just make sure you do your homework. [13:31]  [ ]