August 13, 2003

Dave Winer says:

the earliest bloggers have been "at it" for almost nine years. [*]

My internet life (condensed version sans porn):

1994: Downloading pics of Gillian Anderson onto floppies from univ library 'puter.
1995: Getting banned from chat rooms for not understanding what the hell was going on? What the hell is virtual snuffsex? I still don't get it.
1996: Starting to figure out email; must use very slow AOL; opened hotmail account.
1997: Cool there are commercial web sites -- spend lots of time looking for original South Park video.
1998-2000: I get it you use the internet to do research (law school years) and your computer to play hearts.
2001: Started :: sports, sex and humor since the dawn of the 21st Century. Didn't know blogging software existed so I had to use a frontpage, a paper clip, scissors and cuteftp.
2002: Graduated to blogger software, makes work easier but no one understands wha the hell a blog is, writers leave en masse.
2003: Enlist Crash. He's funny. Steal MT design. Site looks good. Blogging good. [00:28]  [ ]