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May 22, 2001

A Tangled Web of Intrigue

Issue 1

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Key To Devils' Success It's All In the Name
The Secret Richard Williams Has Kept
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Plummeting Mets Look Back to Spirit of 86 for Answers

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Fantasy Corner

The 2000-2001 IBM Award once again went to Shaq! Man or Machine? Is Shaq really a man of steel? Robo- Aristotle? Can anyone stop a man with an electronic carcass? Is that monotone, and recent source of problems, just a chip malfunction.

Computerized ratings don't lie, but maybe this one just has a crush. What we want to know is who's been oiling him from behind?

Twisted Poll Results

Which Athlete Gives You the Biggest Poll?


Michelle Kwan

Annika Sorenstam


Twisted Statistics

It is estimated that A-Rod could save nearly one thousand people at 32 cents per day by donating as little as 7 minutes of his salary. Or just one fat ex-sitcom actress.

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