The World's Funniest Athletic Supporters

  Volume 1, Issue 42  March 26, 2002 


Picking Montana as National Champs Really Screwed Up NCAA Bracket
Yanks Fans Refuse to Pay Cable Bills Until Yes Network and Porn Added to Basic Package
Verbs Randomly Inserted Throughout Box Score Summary
ESPN Original Movie: Rick Majerus A Season on the Binge Garners Fat Ratings

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Be Like Mike

MJ's knees are as padded as the Nugs Mascot

Week in Review

* NCAA Tourney Recap Exclusives Legal FAQ: Why Sports Parody is Protected Speech

Top Stories

Jeff Kent's Erotic Truck Washin' Video

Butch Rogaine Interviews Michael Strahan About Ungrateful NY Giants

Kansas City Royals Sad to See Preseason Crown Slipping Away

Redskins Officially Change Name to Gators

Mr. Bozack’s Corner: The Oscars, Alias and Last Minute Foul Calls
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